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Like any responsible business we firmly believe that website users need to have trust in the privacy policy of its owners. This allows them to browse, surf or input data confidently. This page details the privacy policy applicable to the website of Gîte La Caverne that is  «».

[1] About Gîte La Caverne
Gîte La Caverne is a tourism guesthouse specialised in board and lodging and is registered in  Mauritius under Section 8 of the Business Registration Act 2002. It is managed by Mrs Francine Prudence, Corail Petite Butte, Rodrigues Island. The data collected from this website are managed by the same business

[2] Our definition of “personal data”
« Personal data » means any data which allows us to identify a person or individual, like his name, address, sex, food preferences and so on.

[3] What personal information we collect from you
With a view to better serve and better cater for the needs of our clients we collect the following data:

  • For a booking: your name, surname, email, mailing address, phone number and details about your stay – length, facilities required, etc.;
  • Other more sensitive information like your religion or culture, your food preferences (vegetarian, vegetarian…);

[4] How do we collect personal data ?
All personal data or information are collected as follows :

  • Through the booking form of this website ;
  • Through the contact form of this website ;
  • Directly by email ;
  • By phone ;
  • Or through one of our partners.

[5] How we use your personal data?
Your personal data will be used only for commercial purposes and only for objectives detailed in this privacy policy. We may also use it for research and analysis in line with our research and development, and marketing programme. We may use them to better serve you and cater for you need. We may also use your data to send you promotional or marketing contents.

[6] How long do we keep your personal data?
We keep your personal data as long as we consider it necessary in conformity with our commercial objectives, and according to the laws in force in our country.

[7] Our data collection activities and applicable laws?
Gîte La Caverne data collection activities are based on the Data Protection Act 2017 of the Republic of Mauritius.

We think we can collect the information (or data) because

  • You provided them through the forms available on this website;
  • Without your personal information it will be impossible to provide any to you;
  • Since we are answerable and required to abide to laws and regulations set by government authorities, we need your information to prove our integrity as an business enterprise;
  • We want to constantly improve our services and better serve you.

[8] Collecting information from minors under 18
We suppose that every user of this website is 18 or more. We do not accept any booking or reservation form any person under 18, so as to abide to the « Child Protection Act 1994 » of Mauritius, UNICEF recommendations and other international laws. Any way upon confirmation of your booking we do verify your age.

[9] With whom we share your personal data?
We may share your personal data with the following parties:

  • Our employees – so as to improve our services and better serve you;
  • With our tour-operators, if you allow us to do so;
  • With our partners and service providers to better serve you.

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. That is why no unauthorized person has access to your personal data. However note that we may be required to provide such data for the following exceptional reasons:

  • If government authorities or the laws require or authorise that ;
  • If you have unpaid accounts and we need it for judicial procedures;
  • If we suspect that you are involved in any illegal activities;
  • If your stay is sponsored by a third party, we will need to provide your data for invoicing need, prior to your approval.

[10] Is providing my personal data compulsory?
The information you provide allow us to serve you and cater for your specific needs. Without them we will not be able to do so.

[11] Respect for you rights
As a website user and as per the law on data protection of 2017 of Mauritius (Data Protection Act 2017) and the general regulation on data protection, you have certain rights associated with the data collected about you. You can thus:

  • Ask for a copy of the personal data we possess about you.
  • Ask for restriction on the use of such data.

[12] Security of your data
We use encrypting technology and do not allow access to any unauthorized person.

[13] How to make a complaint?

Although we encourage our clients to try to solve any dispute with us through dialogue first, before going for such action, you can make a complaint to the control authorities of the government of Mauritius if you believe your rights have not been respected in any ways.

Any complaints falling under the « Data Protection Act 2017 (of Mauritius) » may be addressed to the Commissioner for  data protection on :

Commissioner for Data Protection
4th floor, Emmanuel Anquetil Building
Corner Sir Virgil Naz
Port-Louis, Mauritius

[14] Amendments or changes to this privacy policy
We reserve the right to make any changes to this Privacy Policy anytime without prior notice. Of course users will be informed through the website accordingly.

[15] Use of cookies on this website
We may ask users to activate cookies on this website. We may use cookies to:

  • Help us in research and development so as to better serve you.
  • Allow us to know your preferences and ultimately offer you a better surfing or browsing experience.

[16] How to contact us
Please feel free to contact us for more information about this Privacy Policy or about anything pertaining to personal data.

Gîte La Caverne
Attn. Mrs Francine Prudence
Corail Petite Butte, Rodrigues Island,
Republic of  Mauritius

You can also contact us by mail on :

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